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Tierra del Fuego: Buy

Queen of the Rendezvous - CD

A good-natured and warm celebration of Western swing, old-school country, modern alt-country, Southwestern eclecticism, and even some Blasters-inspired roots-abilly.

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Eagle Stew - CD

1. South Side of Forever
2. It's Too Late
3. Hollow Of My Bones
4. La Muerta
5. The Spider's Eye And The Bird That Couldn't Fly
6. Hesitate
7. Exodus
8. Round We Go
9. Greenhorn Crosses The Great Divide
10. I Pity The Poor Immigrant (B. Dylan cover)

The Great Saturday Night Swindle - CD

1. Find You Blue
2. For Need
3. Slightly Red
4. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (And This Is How It Goes)
5. No War
6. Vile Fucking Task
7. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
8. You're a Big Girl Now (B. Dylan cover)
9. Dark Angel of Death
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Sheboygan EP - CD

An acoustic AM radio take on a few of our songs found on other releases plus a few you haven't heard before.